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Building Fires and The Courts of Law

Building fires make lawyers very uncomfortable. There are a number of legal issues that can be brought up, even when the fire is an accident. While there are a number of different routes that the litigation can go, the three major routes that are taken are arson, negligence, and manufacturer negligence. Obviously there are situations where none of these situations are likely to come up, such as accidents, but there are these topics are the most likely to involve a lawyer more than any other situation.

Building FiresArson is possibly the thorniest problem. The legal system as a whole dislikes arson cases because it is tied so tightly to fraud cases, where a person attempted to defraud an insurance company by starting a fire themselves, it is also linked to hate crimes and organized crimes. It is also the first thing that fire investigators look for if for no other reason than to eliminate it as a cause. While it is usually easy to prove one way or another, the crime is so looked down on that even suspicion of its occurrences can taint an investigation. As such allegations of arson are taken seriously and will be thoroughly investigated when they come before a court.

Manufacturer negligence is another issue that is brought up every so often. The idea is that a manufacturer knew that a combination of different chemicals or situations may have contributed to the start of a fire and therefore the manufacturer of the chemicals should thus share at least some of the cost of the fire. However, this is not always that easy to prove and may require expert testimony to even really bring to court. While these cases do tend to be hard to follow, they can be worth exploring, especially when thousands or millions of dollars are involved.

Simple negligence, or causing the fire by neglecting safety protocols, is usually only brought up when the cost of the fire is really high, usually over a few thousand dollars; it is usually only brought up in order to provide a plausible situation that does not involve arson. All told, cases involving building fires tend to make lawyers nervous because they can any number of ways, especially once everyone brings in their experts. They are nonetheless taken very seriously and can be among the most controversial cases a court handles, making them uncomfortable for lawyers who prefer more straight-forward cases.