Let a Reputable Attorney Help You Handle Your Car Pile Up Accident Case

 Car accidentAccidents are generally bad but they can be extremely catastrophic and fatal if they involve more than two vehicles. Such accidents involving multiple vehicles are usually confusing to tell whose fault or liability it is to add on the anxiety, anguish and distress befall the injured persons and their family. Although pile up car accidents are not very common on the roads, bad weather that causes poor visibility can lead to catastrophic accidents of this nature.

How Can You Determine Liability in Car Pile Up Accident?

Scenarios involving multiple car accidents impose liability on the party whose negligent conduct is believed to have substantially contributed to the occurrence of the accident. In a typical car accident, it is often believed that the car on the front came to a sudden stop or the was struck from the rear side causing the accident where the third vehicle in embroiled in the accident by hitting the second or middle car. In such as situation, the third car is considered to be likely at fault.

In another case, the first tailing car hits the stopped car because of speeding or distraction causing a third car to collide with it from behind, causing even more impact on the first car. In this case, both tailing vehicles are likely at fault since the law requires that all motorists maintain a reasonable distance from the car in front of them. However, complications set in when the middle car or its driver claims in a case that he or she stopped in good time only to be hit forcing him to hit the first car.

Claiming Compensation from Insurance Companies

When it comes to claiming responsibility for injuries, either the third or the second motorist may claim. Handling an insurance claim in a car pile up accident case can be extremely challenging and requires the hand of an experienced accident lawyer. Where the liability is difficult to discern, insurance carriers will take responsibility but in most cases, they will go by what their insured’s say. Therefore, where all parties involved in the accident maintain a hardstand and no one seems to be accepting responsibility, it is only important that you contact your multiple car accident lawyer to take the case. In such a case, the lawyer will have to rely on various material evidence, including traffic report, eye-witnesses to argue the case in favor or his or her client.

What Damages are Claimed in Multiple Car Accidents?

Just like in other accidents, attorneys representing parties involved in multiple car accidents will examine the evidence and the police report before distributing the compensation amount based on the extent of the fault, if determined. In some cases, the extent of the injuries sustained or the damages registered by be a guiding stone on the amount of compensation to be received. Some of the damages may include:

• Loss of earnings both past and future
• Pain and suffering
• Medical expenses
• Psychological trauma
• Spousal claim

Ensure to hire a highly reputable accident attorney to handle your case since such cases are delicate and requires special handling. Remember that accidents are traumatic and some will come with life-changing injuries so an excellent attorney will help to claim the most reasonable compensation to help you move on with life.

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